Saturday, January 24, 2009

my oh my ..

Has it really been 8 months? Yikes .. having babies and live seems to get the middle of the bloggy world ..

So a brief, or not so brief update .. We'll see how it goes!

Summer was rather uneventful until August 20th when our 3rd "M" was born .. Molly May, another girl which brings the count to 3! She's a beauty like her older sisters and its been such a wonderful joy to watch her sisters become maternal towards her. I'll be sure to share her birth story soon!

My dear husband is still doing wonderfully in recruiting and finished the year at the top of his team and one of the top in the state .. we're so proud of the young men and women that are choosing to serve their communities, state and country by enlisting. We celebrated, just in time for Christmas, the return of the local unit from a successful deployment and are looking forward to getting to know the unit members and their families better.

Other than the day to day with 3 kids under 5, I've been continuing research on how to best formalize the homeschooling we've been doing. Although, I operate on the premise that we teach our children from birth and I love, love the unschooling philosophies I feel we need a bit more structure. Since Maddy will be 5 in March (7 weeks, just as her!) I'm feeling more and more rushed to "figure" something out, especially as she's blossomed as a reader and has a knowledge of the human body that rivals a pre-med student! I think this will all settle itself out and Molly will be in college before I have it all figured out...

So .. there's the condensed version .. and I promise to post more soon!

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