Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mission Organic 2010 .. Join the Mission

The Organic Center, who was disappointed by the fact that organic food still makes up about 3% of total food sales, created Mission Organic 2010. This campaign aims to get the message out about not only the health benefits but the ecological benefits of "going organic" .. and makes it easy to make smarter choices. On the website you can "publicly announce" your commitment to the campaign by saying you'll make at least a tenth of your eating choices organic .. Overwhelmed by the whole idea or think you have to clean out your entire pantry? It's "Easy as 1 2 3" according to the Organic Starter Kit that comes as a free download when you sign the pledge!

1. Purchase 1 organic item for every ten in your shopping cart.

2. Make 1 organic meal out of every ten you prepare.

3. Ask 10 friends to join you!

According to the Center, if the goal is reached 98 million daily servings of water will be pesticide free and antibiotics and growth hormones will disappear from 20 million daily serving of milk .. and that's just the beginning!

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